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Renovated Game Plan

One of the most powerful things you can do in your weight loss journey is to make an effective game plan to overcome struggles and temptations. Because failing doesn’t mean you CAN’T get well, it just means you need a game plan to overcome a specific issue so you can KEEP GOING.

For a game plan to work, you have to analyze what went wrong unemotionally, tactically, so you can make a specific plan to overcome it. No Excuses or Justifications. If you fall not fail and you just get up and start over without looking back at what happened where will that lead? Discouragement, staying in the same spot, Frustrated? Try making a game plan to prevent that problem in the future. 9 chances out of 10 you will keep tripping over that problem or another similar problem, and it may start to feel hopeless even when it's not.

Here is a strategy that you can use when something goes wrong, or you fail at a goal you set:

1. Journal on what happened/what went wrong and why.

2. Find the emotion and/or events that triggered you to stop.

3. Create a specific solution to each trigger.

4. Brush yourself off and start again with an intentional plan to overcome and reach the goal.


What happened: I didn't drink all my water today.

Ineffective plan: Try harder tomorrow

Effective Game Plan:

Triggers: I was tired from not getting enough sleep and forgot my water bottle when I went out. Decided to wait until I got home then went to bed without finishing it. I sure didn't want to be up all not so I rationalized sleep over water.


1) Go to bed a little earlier at 9pm instead of 10:30 pm tonight to maximize my sleep.

2) Put post-it note on my Front door that says "Water!" so I don't leave without it.

3) If I realize I left without my water and the first two failed me Wow I have another plan. Stop at the first gas station or store I see and buy a water bottle.

Now you test the plan. If it works, the struggle is gone. If it doesn't, you adjust the plan with more specific strategies until the problem is gone.

Many times within week 3-4 of daily coaching in Weight Loss, people will say they don’t have struggles anymore or if they do they have stratgies in place to overcome their mistake. It's a beautiful thing! It's empowering! I want you to be empowered to push forward too!

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