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What is a Functional Blood work Specialist?

I get asked this question all the time. When you have your blood work done by your primary care physician and they call you back for those “Let’s go over your labs" appointments, I’m normally the next in line to view them.

You see, western medicine doctors normally don’t know how to read lab results to find hidden issues. The markers and ranges they are trained to find are for putting you on the next prescription or clinical trial.

Functional medicine treats the body as one whole working machine and knows that one small offset can cause a lot of other problems.

A Functional Blood Work Specialist is trained to take the lab results you already have and look beyond the symptoms you are experiencing. We look deeper into what is going on inside the body as a whole and we help to find the root cause of ALL of those symptoms you are dealing with daily.

Headaches- could be low Vitamin D levels.

Hormone problems- let us first check into your cholesterol

Insomnia- I bet there is an underlying infection causing your adrenals to go crazy!

Sure, we could recommend supplements and vitamins to cover up the symptoms, just like a doctor prescribing medications. It’s almost fun to try and follow the path the numbers show us and then confirm the hidden issues. I like to call these issues the pieces to your health puzzle.

The more pieces we have, the better we can figure out what is really going on inside your body. The clearer the picture is for us to determine the next course of action.

The best part about this is- Blood Work Doesn’t Lie!

I am taking YOUR labs and piecing it together. I am not guessing on what the problem is or how to fix it. All of it is printed right there, in black and white, within your report.

If you would like your blood work looked at for a second opinion, please contact me at

I would be happy to show you the pieces to your health puzzle!

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