“The Dignity of our Body reflects the Purity of the Ingredients we select to Sustain it” 
Carrie Polk

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Has the path you have followed for your health and nutrition taken you down a twisted road into a path of diet related disease?

Hi, I’m Carrie

I’m here to walk beside you as you unravel the obstacles in your health journey that have taken you down the twisted road. As you begin unraveling those road blocks from your diet related disaese, you’ll soon be free to step powerfully forward into the life you know is waiting for you..

You’ll discover a new sense of energy, confidence, stamani,which will create a healthy, beautiful, and courageous life that reflects the beauty of you.

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Soaring Fresh with Nutrition

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Don't let others create a life for you!

When you have the tools to move into a healthy life that is designed just for your one of a kind body. Through whole nutrition you can change a lot in your twisted journey.  Click the button for a great recipe to try.

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“Carrrie's 3 month Nutritional Coaching plan has transformed the way I approach my health and wellness. We have developed obtainable goals and she has helped me overcome hurdles I once thought were impossible. The weekly phone calls and Virtual meets were my FAVORITE because they introduced new concepts and how I could apply them to my own personal health issues. I also appreciated that Carrie made herself available when I had questions about a menu selection, Grocery labels, even thoughts on improving my sleep patterns. For the first time in 7 years some of my symptoms ~~ fatigue, nausea, high blood pressure, diabetes, and best of all my tumor has shrunk in half. I attribute all these thing to the tailored plan and encouragement that Carrie gave me. All I can say is my Medical doctor is amazed at what whole body nutrition has done for me.

                                                                                                    Elizabeth Kantor ~~ Florida